Marsha Weiner

Marsha Weiner

Marsha Weiner, Director, SEAChange

Marsha Weiner, MA

Marsha is an accomplished writer and producer who has worked with many cultural institutions including Smithsonian, Colonial Williamsburg, Wildlife Conservation Society, Public Broadcasting Service, National Public Radio and others. She has led creative teams in creating educational games and media; and she has produced products for the mass market.

She collaborated with Dr. Cohen on SEAChange and other projects, and collaborates with other gerontologists. Currently she is working on a wellness kit for caregivers, Seasons of Care.

Through interest in sustainability she produced Slow Food on Film which toured to 26 cities, and she continues to write about food and film. Her interest and commitment to SEAChange is an extension of the inquiry into sustainability since the vision of sustainability needs to include a realistic, holistic understanding of aging.




Marsha Weiner, Director SEAChange
1+ 703.887.3022

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