Levine Legacy plans Kickstarter launch

The Levine Family Legacy is a Love Story——but not the usual love story. Oh sure, there is a romantic story here, but the real Love Story is with America and the Levines are an example of small town immigrants and their impact on American life.

We have a story to tell—–it’s your story as well. Everyone came to America at some point as an immigrant—–every American family starts this way. Here is the story of several groups who landed in one small town, Waterville, Maine. There were French Canadians, Lebanese, American-British, Northern European Jewish, Polish, Scandinavian, and more, and they live side by side sharing values and cultures.

Have we lost the ability to see this phenomenon? It is the Model of modern day peace. You cannot plot your future without looking at your past.

Help us tell the story of All of Us. Help us use this small town population as a model for all towns and cultures. Help us to tell the American Love Story.

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Wendy Miller is a sculptor, writer, expressive arts therapist and educator. She has taught at JFK University, San Francisco State University, Southwestern College, Lesley College, California Institute of Integral Studies, and The George Washington University. She is the cofounder of Create Therapy Institute, which offers clinical services in arts-based psychotherapy and trainings in the expressive arts.

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